Competition and market concentration

Anti-competitive practices:

  • Anti-competitive collusion;
  • Abuse of a dominant position;
  • Abuse of economic dependence and excessively low prices;
  • Analysis of compliance of agreements and practices with French and EU competition law (e.g. distribution agreements, horizontal cooperation agreements, information exchanges);
  • Assistance during investigations, visits or “dawn raids” by French or EU competition authorities and court cases relating to same;
  • Assistance if notice is served of complaints by the French competition authority (ADLC) or European Commission;
  • Writing and lodging complaints with the French competition authority (ADLC) or European Commission, and support during proceedings;
  • Competition audit;
  • Compliance programs;
  • Basic or “bespoke” training on competition law;
  • Civil action on competition matters (claims for compensation before the courts).

Market concentration checks:

  • Analysis of whether a planned transaction is notifiable under French or EU rules;
  • Notification to the French competition authority (ADLC) or European Commission, pre-notification and monitoring of the review procedure in phases I and II;
  • Coordination and monitoring of partner firms for notifications in other countries inside and/or outside the EU.
  • Assistance in negotiating commitments;
  • Third party representation under market concentration verification procedures involving their competitors, suppliers and distributions (responses to market questionnaires, etc.).

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